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Adding stock notification not working

getgl 2 years ago in Website updated 2 years ago 2

SA has a technical glitch.  When adding a stock to a portfolio, I get the message that it is auto added to notifications.  However for the last 10 days (approx.) it does not actually add them. Checking today showed that NONE of my recent adds were ticked in email notifications. 

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Where are you adding a stock to your portfolio? The homepage, quote page, portfolio page or elsewhere?

Thanks for the reply Daniel.

As best I recall I was in the left column after clicking for portfolios and was adding new stocks. It acted as usual with the box that said it was added to email alerts. I always leave it as such.  After a week I noticed that I wasn't receiving email alerts, but with earnings reported it seemed odd. Went to the email alerts list and saw that none of the recent additions were ticked but were off. I fixed that easy enough. As a long time user thought it worth making the comment, in case it is a bug.