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Not printing full page

Bowen & Carlisle 2 years ago in Website updated 2 years ago 7 1 duplicate

Starting yesterday, when I click the "print without comments" button on articles, a portion of the left of the page is cut off. I've played with margins and other things on my printer dialog box, but nothing helps. I don't have this problem printing pages from other websites.

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Thank you for pointing out this printing issue. We are in the process of fixing it.

Hi, HepMe
Thank you for your report!
Could you provide environment details (OS and Browser) to reproduce current issue?

Yes, I am using Windows 10 and Chrome. Pages print fine using Edge and IE, just not Chrome. This just started last week sometime. Up until then, I could print from Chrome no problem as well.

Can you please check now if the print is working properly? 

It still has the same problem, cutting off the first few characters on the left. I am also using Microsoft Edge to print stories and that works fine. Seems to only be a problem with Chrome. It just started happening last week.


We are having trouble reproducing this issue. Can you send me the link to the article please? And can you check please if the problem is for every article or just specific ones? Thanks


It happens with every article printed from my Chrome browser. IE and Edge work fine.