New Zuckerberg's trickery


Why Meta-FB employees should pay for Zuckerberg’s huge, stupid ($800B) mistakes? Yes, many Tech Cie have lost money this year, but no one have lost OVER 2/3 in 12 months (-78,4% value).
Billionaire Barry Diller said there is something 'quite odd' in Mark Zuckerberg's decision to turn Facebook into Meta… Most CEO slams Metaverse as ‘idiosyncratic pursuit’.How can Metaverse’s $12B investment explain or justify Meta-Facebook falling by almost $800B this year… Or maybe it’s just to cover other issues?Then why Mark Zuckerberg refuses to give up on the metaverse—even after Meta investors have, sending the company’s shares tumbling.
Maybe because Metaverse issues masks (very well) the colossal fraud of Facebook’s ADS… As over 50% of the profiles that click on the “share” advertising (on FB paid ADS) are purely ROBOTS ! (with proof-certified documents).
Facebook-Zuckerberg has been over-billing advertisers and tricking millions of small shareholders for years… Zuckerberg would rather lose 90% of his net worth than spending decades in prison. Anyway, Facebook’s executives will all soon have to face a court… As It is much bigger than Bernie Madoff’s scam!


As a French scientist and CEO-engineer, I have finally discovered (after advertising for 5 years) that Facebook uses more and more bots (profiles) over the years to fraudulently “like” but mostly “share” ads on a very large scale.

Then the impact of “FACEBOOK ADS”, has gradually decreased since 2017… As a result, many advertisers are simply leaving Facebook every single day.

Despite the catastrophic result of the Metaverse on Facebook stock value, Zuckerberg still act in a way that makes no logical sense. Only if his purpose is to hide the real problem : these billions of “clicks on ads” by bots… as it is a crime, a serious crime!

That will explains (partly) why Facebook lost 76.45% of its value ($800B) with a $232 billion loss in one day, which is a first-time occurrence in the history of Wall Street. Metaverse represents only a small part of the loss; the drop in ads revenue is the real reason for Facebook’s gigantic loss.

Just by reading the text below, which includes screenshots certified by state bailiffs, you will be able to understand perfectly, as the fraud is meticulously detailed.

(Below you will also find a French article on this Facebook Ads fraud, published in the very well-known investigative newspaper “Le Canard Enchaîné,” as well a few English articles on my work as an engineer.

- Below are few articles in english on my worldwide patent, the “JLMD antipollution system for oil tanker” as a reference—background :