Is Seeking Alpha no longer free? I may have pushed a wrong button or something. I can no longer read the authors I follow.

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Still free or not. Will need to delete app if so to not waste time clicking on something I can’t read. Thanks.

Marc Rouleau

It appears as though a substantial subset of us non-Premium subscribers were targeted by an up-or-out policy. There are a bunch of other threads like this one. The busiest one is here.

There are still many non-Premium subscribers being served by the other policy that was established a couple of years ago. I infer that SA is conducting an experiment to assess its effects with an eye toward extending it to all non-Premium subscribers.

There are alternatives, of course. Yahoo Finance and Substack are both worth considering, IMO.

You can read articles and comments in a web browser by disabling cookies for, though you can't post or identify unread comments. This loophole may not be hard to close, so I would be surprised to see it persist.