Dividend Kings soliciting business via private messages on SA

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Dividend Kings soliciting business via private messages on SA. Doesn't this violate SA policy. If not it should.


If you're not a follower or former subscriber of theirs, then yes, it does. Can you please attach a screenshot to here so we can take action? Thanks!



I see you follow Brad Thomas- one half of The Dividend Kings team. As such, he is allowed to market to you. If you'd like to stop them from doing so, you can go ahead and unfollow Brad.

Otherwise, they are limited to doing this twice a year (each time they offer a discount triggers two messages I believe)  so it shouldn't be too bad. 



Just FYI, you will likely get a second one of these even if you unfollow Brad Thomas as once the discount offer is sent out, it locks the initial message and the follow-up into place. 

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Well, I like Brad so all OK. I just wasn't suspecting anything like that. Not a big deal. Thanks for your rapid repies. Ed


I totally get where you're coming from. It's frustrating when Dividend Kings or anyone else solicits business through private messages on SA. If it goes against SA policy, it definitely should be addressed!