Why now are you charging and locking articles unless Essentials are needed for a lot of Articles?

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Hi.  I’ve been a member for years. I’ve had numerous friends join and setup.  Now I’ve gone to TRP and want to read the articles. BUT NOW I NEED to pay $29.99 per month US. WhY ?   What’s the reason?  Are you wanting to just be private!?  Whose idea was this?


Value Propositions are used everywhere today.  Ive been with Seeking Alpha for some time now.  What I see is youve started charging for more content and made Pro cover all the areas.    I dont see the value of paying $240 US per year to get the articles.  I like following the authors and see peoples input and feed back.  Eli and his team are now just becoming another Motley Fool in sheeps clothing.  I pay now to my broker and that's enough.  I like SA because of the discussions with the people and authors.    You have a good setup and your costs are going up or you want to make more money.  which is it?  So no I wont sign up to PRO renamed.  I dont see the value prop either.  

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