Failure to receive support for my premium subscription problem


Hello Baphira,

It's been two weeks since I sent you the email you will find below. I've received no response from you or any other SA representative. As I've stated and as you can readily verify, I've been a loyal SA subscriber for several years. However, as matters stand at this time, through no misstep of my own, my premium subscription has been rendered useless.  I will repeat what I've said before:

When I google “Member Sign in | Seeking Alpha” or go to “ > account > login”, I'm presented a login screen (for non-members) with an email address of “annedewolfe1941@gmailcom”.

If I try to change this to “” – my proper email address and the only one I've ever used in the years I've been a SA subscriber – your software gives me the message that this “Email address has already been taken”.

In other words – SA's software has made it impossible for me to log in, and has put me in a loop that makes it impossible for me to correct the problem.

I would like to see this matter resolved amicably – but that depends on what action, if any, SA will take in fixing a technical problem over which I have no control.  In perusing the Seeking Alpha record with the New York Better Business Bureau as I have done, I find among the many complaints the following:

“Never signed up with but someone is trying to change their email to my email *************** is the email that is trying to seal mine plz fix this issue”

And this later posting:

“At this time, I have not been contacted by Seeking Alpha Inc.  regarding complaint ID **********.”

This is a complaint that reflects a problem similar to mine. Of course, my problem is compounded by the fact that I am and have been a long-time Premium subscriber – and continue to pay for this subscription, day after day, even though my subscription has been rendered useless and – at least so far – SA seems to address my issue with indifference.

To say that this constitutes unfair business practice is as correct as it is understated. My preference is for a resolution that is both cordial and fair – but, at this point, SA has given me little reason for optimism. I'm sure that SA can accomplish what constitutes a simple database fix … but at this  point I don't know if it cares to do so. If not, the Better Business Bureau will be my next stop in a process that may have several steps to it.

Here, for the record, is the email I sent you on December 1:

Hi Baphira,

As to,

"I see that User: 57710186 is under your wife's email address-

You've again created an account with this email address."

No, I did not do that! And my wife did not do that! Neither my wife nor I "again created an account with this email address"! As I told you before, my wife has never created an SA account ... and to her best recollection, "" is an email address she hasn't used in years, if ever.

As to,

"Premium is under But you are trying to access Premium with your wife's email address, and hence you're unable to access Premium since Premium is under your email address."

No I am not! I am not presently, nor have I ever, tried to "access Premium with my wife's email address"!

Finally, as to,

Should I go ahead and delete the account under

Yes, yes and yes!!! I thought that this had already been done! I just pulled up the SA Member Sign-in screen. For my email address, it has filled in for me "" !!! So I tried changing that address to "" Your system advises me that "that address has already been taken".


Barry Berkeley

Ticket ID: 283142

User ID GI21284”