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Good Morning,

I received an email with an offer to sign up for my first year for $39. Unfortunately, the offer seems to have ended as of 1/4/2023. I was out of the country for the first few days of the year and could not get to the offer in time. Is there a way for you to enable the offer for me at this time? I'd love to take advantage of it and consume your content and will likely continue subscribed thereafter.


Contact - John1638 

I responded to your offer to sign up for $30.00 on 01/04/2023. My Bank of America Visa card xxxx0307 was charged $41.58 .  I have have no response. Please enable my access or cancel and refund my payment.

John M. Dalessio


01/05/2023SEEKING ALPHA 3475096837 NY$41.58