does not care about good sitters who do good jobs.


Top rated sitter was fired after several years of perfect service and 100% customer satisfaction score. After a non\never Rover customer abandoned her dog for 97 days and recruited friends and family members to post false, humiliating, threating statements on Facebook in addition to calling Rover and making complaints that never happened.

Ms. Williams who was never affiliated with Rover left her dog with me after we came to an agreement of $15 a day for 1 month. I notified Ms. Williams on 4 separate occasions to pay her bill or collect her dog. I placed the dog in alternative housing after not getting a response from Ms. Williams.

When Ms. Williams discovered I no longer has her dog. she then recruited friends and family members to call my employer and make complaints about me that had nothing to do with her particular situation. Ms. Williams, her family members and friends also posted derogatory, untrue, harmful and threating post on Facebook that caused me to loose my job and completely destroy my business as she promised in her messages.

Rover then victimized me even further by taking merit to these false accusations. they requested a second background check, rejecting her appeal with no good reason and deactivated my account without properly investigating the situation or asking me any questions about what happened.

Rover abruptly took away over half of my $24,000 income for no reason or explanation as to why. I did did nothing wrong this was totally uncalled for. Now I have no Idea how I am going to support my family, as I am the only financial provider for two children under the age of 5. My Rover income is now non existent and my private clients are scared off by the posts that was shared on Facebook over 150 times. As a result of this, my gas got cut off. I have no central A/C or heat. I have cut off notices for my water and light bill. I was not able to renew my insurance policy on the vehicle I transport my kids in. needless to say two little kids did not see Christmas this year because of the careless actions of Mr. Williams and

Please help me. I have all the documentation that proves what I'm saying

Amber Cambre

985 703 4460