I post 4 videos a day on Futures, Stocks, SPDRs and ETFs


I am a registered Futures Broker with a following of thousands on YouTube under Ira Epstein. I prefer to post videos over news articles as I can get so much more done in them and show chart action unfolding.

In order to do so, the NFA requires I have a full disclaimer, which we put at the beginning of each video, since in that way, it was the first thing viewers see.

I do Tweets and the like by using short key words to attract attention to a link to our website, which is where the videos are posted. Example..

CPI Numbers will be market focus this week....Click here to view video

On twitter I ad hash tags.

In addition to what I issue for Free, I sell subscriptions to my twice daily updates, both posted between 6:30 AM CT and 9:00 AM CT, Monday thru Friday. I charge a yearly or monthly fee for those.

How can I do this with you. I am well known in the markets if you look me up.