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Hi,Although you point out all of the benefits from being a Premium subscriber, for some reason, I cannot access them, such as the Summary info on stocks in my portfolio. Is there some glitch? Can you rectify the problem? Thanks.George Hayao

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Hi George,

Now that you're a few days into your time as a Seeking Alpha Premium member, I hope you've had a chance to do some exploring.

Perhaps you've already discovered just how truly convenient and informative our symbol summary pages are? Over the years, we've taken great care to fine-tune them into an exhaustive tool with many unparalleled features.

For many Seeking Alpha members, the symbol page is where the search for new investment ideas begins. Check out some of their most popular aspects...

Ratings Summary

A snapshot of all three Seeking Alpha ratings for every stock - our proprietary Quant rating, SA Authors rating and Sell Side Analyst rating. This numerical comparison brings tremendous value at a glance, as it's based on to multiple factors. Advanced investors who are looking for a starting point for deeper analysis shouldn't miss this.

Report cards for each stock

Understand the strengths and weaknesses in your portfolio with factor grades. For each holding in your portfolio, you can see how it is graded based on: Dividend, EPS Revisions, Growth, Momentum, Profitability and Value.

Historical financial data

Up to ten years of financial data is available for investors who really want to dig deep. Here, you'll enjoy a clear and powerful presentation of companies' income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements - All easily accessible from any stock’s symbol page. Flip seamlessly between views to see growth rates, margins, and view mouse-over charts.

Access to unlimited headlines and transcripts

Seeking Alpha has broader coverage of stocks than any other research provider. We cover thousands of stocks, many of which have little-to-no coverage from Wall Street analysts. Access to earnings call transcripts is also included for any stock; most even have the audio available, if you'd rather listen to the calls.

And many more...

I want to explore a Symbol Page!

If you'd like to see a video walk-through of a symbol page, be sure to check out our Premium feature hub for video tutorials.

Happy hunting,

Taylor Muckerman

Seeking Alpha Premium Concierge

P.S. If you have any questions, at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at

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must be a total scam, I and many others can't access  premium after we paid for it. Posts are everywhere saying the same thing.  Kent Franklin