guidance about signing up for Seeking Alpha Premium


Dear Seeking Alpha Staff,

Starting in December, I have written several times with a simple question. I would like help with this question prior to signing up for SA Premium. It appears that there is some sort of problem and I am not getting a clear answer. Could you please help with my question? For your convenience, I am appending my original question below:

I am interested in trying out Seeking Alpha Premium service and am enticed by your $39 offer for the first year. I noticed that I'll be auto-enrolled. Here's my question ... How to I subscribe for the first year but then not be auto-enrolled for a subsequent year? I would like to make a rational choice after trying out Seeking Alpha for a year before committing to year two. It is my understanding that your charges are non-refundable so this is particularly important in this case. I look forward to your reply!