Downloaded financial not right

Random Logic 1 year ago in Website updated by SA Admin Amitai Richman 1 year ago 1

Downloaded REGN SG&A for the year 2018 shows $3,594.  Per 10K the value is $1,556.  That's a huge difference. Revenues are OK and so is P&L but the in between numbers are just a mess.  I've been told SA is changing finaincial data providers soon, but I've built up financial history files on about 40 companies not realizing all the data is unreliable and distorted.  I had thought it was just not calculating FCF and that B/S data had been out of alignment across the years.  Most of that I could figure out and fix - at least I thought.  In going back to 10Ks to see what management's explanation of some really bad trends were, it's now clear my data is way off.  The data I've squirreled away can not be relied upon.   I've spent weeks worth (no exageration) of my time building files on my investments to analyze and track results.  This is just disheartening.  How could this happen?  There should have been controls in place to ensure this didn't happen.  This is not my first submission on this topic.  I'm just now realizing the extent of the problem.


Thank you Random Logic for the feedback. We have made the transition to the new data provider over the past few days - can you please check again and update? 

I've looked at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Selling General & Admin Expenses for 2018 year and the number I see is $1.56B, which matches the number you found in the 10K.