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Under the Dividend Safety tab, how are Net Long Term Debt / Total Assets and Net Long Term Debt / EBITDA calculated. I'm trying to understand why some companies can have negative values.

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Thanks for the question. Which companies are you looking at?

Hi, thanks for responding; take NKE for example:

Dividend Safety Metrics

Payout Ratio                                         37.20%

Cash Dividend Payout Ratio (TTM)      27.23%

Net Long Term Debt / Total Assets        -2.54%

Net Long Term Debt / EBITDA             -10.49%

What causes the two values to be negative. I guess I'm wondering how Net Long Term Debt is calculated, since it seems to affect both.


In general, companies with a low or negative net debt should be less risky than companies with a high ratio. A negative value indicates the company has more cash than debt. You might want to read this: