CCS symbol linking to Comcast instead of Century Communities

David Orr 1 year ago in Website updated 1 year ago 7

Thanks for pointing out. We have fixed the name.


The name has been fixed but now, funnily enough, it is linking to Comcast financials instead.

Awaiting Customer Reply

Thanks David. This is a weird bug - a case of mistaken identities by the data provider. We are working to fix it.  


This is now fixed. Sorry for the delay here.

Big improvement.  The financials, name and chart are fixed.  So is the forward PE and EPS.  The market cap still shows Comcast's and the overview is sitll a description of Comcast.  The SEC fillings seem to be working properly as well.

Thanks. Checking that out. Will update.

Seems to work now.  Good work!