send alerts to 2 email addresses

michelf 2 years ago updated by SA Admin Amitai Richman 2 years ago 7
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Can you please clarify what you mean?

I accidentally blocked Seeking Alpha from my michel.fortier@outlook.com.  I think I have unblocked you and need to shift it back.  After accidentally blocked Seeking Alpha, I had all the e-mails sent to an e-mail address I rarely use: michel.fortier@mail.com.  I'd like to have all my notifications sent to both at the to make sure I have unblocked you then I can request to stop the notifications to the .mail address.  It's a real bummer not getting Seeking Alpha!

PS-I've tried changing my email address back in the settings page but it hasn't taken.  Possibly because I've yet to receive the e-mail change notification e-mail to my outlook address therefore the system won't allow the change to happen.  That's fine because if the notification alert isn't coming through, then the regular articles I get wouldn't come through either.  I'm just trying to get all my articles over to the outlook address.

PPS I think you folks do a great job...no bull!

Hi again - sorry but we can't send notifications to 2 email addresses. If you want please let me know which email address to send to and I'll update your account manually.

I would prefer michel.fortier@outlook.com.  I hope my unblocking worked.....

I can't go without Seeking Alpha.  I count on you for all my investment info!!


Hi Michel - I've changed your email address to michel.fortier@outlook.com. Password should stay the same. Let me know please if all working for you now.