Call Option symbols

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I trade covered calls for income and would like to see those positions in my Portfolio, but I have been unable to figure out how to store the symbol I'm holding in Fidelity.  Can this be done somehow?  

For example I hold GILD and a Sell-to-Close Feb 17 2023 $85 call which I received $2.35 for.  It would be great to see this Call and it's value in my SA portfolio.




I did some more research and learned that the ticker should be:

  • Stock 
  • Ex Date as YYMMDD
  • C or P for call or put
  • Price formatted as #####CCC  - up to 99999 and a thousandth of a penny 

Thus I think my C85 call should be: GILD230217C00085000

And SA does not show it.

Image 131096

So I'm back to my original question.

Ryan Whitehead

I want to know when would it or they will be ready to report or they can be viewed?