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Please identify authors who are Not Here.

LarryMelman 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

SA appears to import articles from many external blogs. For all I know, this is a business arrangement that goes back to SA's earliest days. Many of those authors do not participate in SA at all, have never ever ever posted a comment. When SA users post comments or questions to those authors, there is no answer.

Awhile back, perhaps a year or two, I raised this concern and asked if there could be a way to identify those non-participating authors. Someone from SA replied that this was a good idea, but nothing was ever done.

So how about it?

Under review

Hi Larry,

This is indeed a good idea and I think we can solve this pretty easily by putting this info in the author's bio. For example, take a look at this author's profile: https://seekingalpha.com/author/aswath-damodaran/articles . I will pass this along to the team who deals with these types of authors.

That's a good start but can't you also insert something more proactive? A short blurb at the end of the article to that effect would be better.