Notable Earnings notification missing


I can see the notable earnings Posts by "SA Editor Jignesh Mehta" in the news feed if I click on the symbol of a stock.

But it is instead NOT possible since many many months (and in contrast to the past), to receive the notification like for example any other "SA News Team"-real-time-notifications (which I'm actually subscribed to), when the app is closed.

So, in earlier times, there was a seeking alpha android app notification the day before the respective earnings report of my watchlist stocks. Simply because the symbol in the "Notable Earnings"-Post by Jignesh Mehta matched one of the symbols in my watchlist.

Maybe Jignesh Mehta isn't properly connected to the "SA News Team"-Group since 6-9 months, so that there are no notifications from him since then? Please remove this bug, the notifications are VERY helpful for me.