SA, trading platforms slow on iPhone iPad Verizon hot spots

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I spend several months a year in my motorhome and for security use IOS/Verizon hot spots under an expensive unlimited data plan. 

While SA frequently loads slowly on the road and at home  on Xfinity (Comcast) wires, I've never had trouble leading various brokers' web sites or trading platforms on my Mac OS 11.4 and older.

Today I couldn't trade on TOS or tdAmeritrade's web site, and I loading SA was very slow. When I searched for VZ on SA, it didn't come up.

SA obviously needs to upgrade its servers, etc. iPhone, iPad and Verizon's services also need upgrades. 

I am getting "my portfolio" without problems on my iPhone X. But I don't use IOS for trading or commenting on web sites for security and convenience reasons.

Somebody needs to write an article questioning the future of online trading in the age of streaming TV, movies, games, trading and social media. 

If you can't fill trades, what is the point?


this platform is being slow for months wonder why they don’t fix it.