Deviating Analyst Recommendation Summaries

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Dear Seeking Alpha team,

I noticed that there is a discrepancy between the average author rating you are showing for the last 30 days and the average recommendations for each month.

For the title Apple, you for instance show 31 recommendations for the last 30 days with the following tendency: Very Bullish: 6, Bullish: 15, Neutral: 7, Bearish: 3, Very Bearish: 0.

By contrast, the recommendation summary for the month of April (so roughly the equivalent to the last 30 days) is showing 42 opinions with the following tendency: Buys: 17, Outperform: 3, Holds: 19, Underperform: 0, Sells: 3.

Could you explain the reason for the difference in the number and tendecy of recommendations shown for the same title and for roughly the same time span?

Best regards,