I am unable to access my HDO tools ever since my subscription automatically renewed !


I will start with I have been a "HIGH DIVIDEND OPPURTUNITIES" for 3 0r 4 years, I cant remember but recently I saw a $510 deduction from my bank account for "SEEKING ALPHA" on May 10, 2023 and ever since then I cant read any Emails from HDO service, No access to rheir "MODEL PORTFOLIO" or "CHAT" and I need thet access ASAP or my money refunded, I dont know what happened but I got a message to RIDA MORWA and he replied something to the affect of I don't see you on our list, which means someone there took me off, AS IF I didn't pay which I obviously did, I can get the bank statement if needed. Please help me straighten this out. Thankyou.     P.S. when I first signed up I used an Email I no longer have access to (higgins_s@sbcglobal.net) but I switched to the one I currently use (higg7868@gmail.com)quite some time ago maybe a year or more I just wanted to provide that info incase it mattered, Thanks again    S.H.