Unable to log in using email address, only google account.

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So I must have originally created an account using my gmail address but selected log in using google. Based on my email history it seems I created the account in 2017. I can still access my account but only by logging in using Google. When I try logging in just using my email address it says:
"Please confirm your registration by clicking the link in the email we've sent you.
We resent the confirmation email to you.
(if you don't see it, please check your spam folder)"
The thing is the email never shows up, even in the spam folder. Also I tried resetting my password but that email never shows up either (I haven't forgotten the password just tried resetting it for trouble shooting).

SA Admin Amitai Richman
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Hi - We see your gmail address. Have you tried 'forgot your password'? See here:

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Hi Admin Amitai,

I have the same problem. Did not work for me. It gave me a link to reset the password, but when I click it, it doesn't respond. Do you have an alternative solution available?