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The Price/Cashflow & EV/Sales ratios in charts are totally off

fractal investing 2 years ago in Website updated 1 year ago 5


Please fix.The Price/Cashflow and the EV/Sales charts are showing billions instead of the ratio.
https://seekingalpha.com/symbol/INTC/valuation - or any other symbol

Under review


Can you please attach a screenshot. I'm unable to see the same issue:

Can you see now where the problem is? On the charts, there should be ratio, not billions. The numbers on your first image/table are correct.

Yes, we see the issue and we'll be fixing this ASAP. Thanks


The Price/Cashflow and EV/Sales calculations are correct on the table below, but still completely wrong on the charts.
The latest ratio of the Price/Cashflow should be around 8.32 (as on table). And not 80+.

The latest ratio of the EV/Sales should be around 3.47 (as on table). And not 15+.

Also. Those numbers are ratios and there should be no billions behind the values.