images are blurry on zoom

Candlenut 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by Revron 1 year ago 2

Here’s an example. View it in a desktop browser. Also find this article in the iPhone app.



Scroll down to the section titled “The Full List”. The image shown is:



On a desktop web browser, when you click that link it takes you to the full large version of the image:



However, when you click on that image in the iPhone app it just zooms in on the smaller version of that image which is nearly completely unreadable.


Please fix this.

Ever since you guys 'fixed' the click to open issue in mobile, one can open an image on mobile but the image quality is so poor that it is impossible to zoom. In my case I'm using an android phone and a tablet. This is seriously unusable and I truly hope you find the time to fix this issue. 

Same here, cannot zoom in any of the attached images. Please fix this problem! :) Thank you! 

(using Android)