Incorrect Portfolio Valuation for Options in Linked Schwab Portfolio

I have linked my Charles Schwab account as a "Portfolio".  The "Values" for Call and Put options for ISRG (ISRG230707C00310000 = -$428,265.00 & ISRG230707P00300000 = $138,750.00) are off by a factor of 100.  My Schwab brokerage lists 5 "shares" (really contracts = 100 shares/contract).  Seeking alpha then coverts the 5 contracts to 500 shares.  In calculating the "value" of these positions SA then incorrectly multiplies the 500 "shares" again by 100.  For example, the firs ISRG call option contract listed above, trading at $8.57/share ($857/contract), should be valued at -$4,285 not the -$428,265.00 shown in my SA portfolio.

Please fix this error ASAP.    Thanks!