Kind request for promotion code on Dividend Kings


Dear Sir,

I am middle age guy who is still a rookie on this bumpy stock investment way. I've started two years ago building my strategy and growing own stock portfolio. At this early stage my portfolio consists of 3/4 dividend stock. I've heard a lot of good opinions about Dividend Kings and Seeking Alpha services from the polish investors online communities (Klan Finansowych Ninja, and similar). Tried few times but never get to subscription because of its relative high cost. But still, I would like to try your service. And now, you make this possible with that huge promotion (mentioned here: 

Would you be so kind and send me promotional code for Dividends King on e-mail? 

At the same time, I would like to know what are main differences between Seeking Alpha and Dividends King services?

Wish you best, 

and fingers crossed for doing such a great job for investors worldwide! 

Best regards,

Michal Krzeminski