Incorrect Dividend Information for Medical Properties Trust (NYSE: MPW)



I'm Managing Director of Investor Relations for Medical Properties Trust (NYSE: MPW). An investor in our stock just called me and pointed me to your Dividend Summary for Medical Properties Trust. It shows a Dividend Yield of 3.12% which is incorrect. Over the past 12 months we have declared and paid $1.16 in dividends which divided by our current stock price of $9.12 is a yield of 12.7% yield. Also, our declared dividends have increased every year starting in 2013 through 2022 and the compound annual growth rate in our dividend over this period has been 3.8%. Your Dividend Summary page shows us having a 5 Year Growth Rate of -9.96% and Dividend Growth of 0 Years. I would appreciate you correcting this information because the investor who called me was terribly concerned that we had cut our dividend. Please feel free to call me at 205-969-3755 or email me at if you would like to discuss. Thanks, Tim Berryman.