The Android App had become prohibitively slow.

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I have been using the Seeking Alpha app on my Android phone for several years now. My phone is a ~2 year old Blackview 9900. It otherwise works fine with no recent degradation in performance.

Since a couple of months, the Seeking Alpha app has become very slow. My main use of the app is the get news and analysis articles for the stocks that I follow. When opening the app, I generally tap the button that skips to the articles, it takes at least 10s until the first articles are visible. It feels like it is loading all the data for all stocks that I am following. Needless to say, it takes at least as much time if I scroll manually. (I do have over 100 stocks that I follow, but it was much faster in the past.)
In addition, opening an article also takes several seconds, and ~25% of the times, the article opened isn't the correct one. The app also frequently goes blank and freezes.

This is unacceptable, and as mentioned, the performance used to be much better (i.e. normal), without any new feature to account for the degradation.

If requesting the current financial data (current price, daily change, etc.) for all stocks is indeed the source of the slowness, please provide a different view where the only articles are available without having to load the current data.

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I have a problem with SA. Starting from a few days ago, it is very difficult to access SA from Oppo A15S. I'm using Android version 10 and it's very difficult to run the Stock Screener feature. Is there a way that I don't have to go through this predicament again?