My message are being "monitored"


The reason I cancelled my membership a few weeks ago is because of the continued harassment I keep getting from moderators that aren't treating me fairly.  I challenge anyone to point to a post for the reason my posts have to wait for approval before being posted.  And then look at the negativity it was a response to.  I stay within TOS and nobody ever gives me warnings.  This is why I refuse to renew my membership and especially a year paid in advance as I was doing.   I have to watch my back with people harassing me and this is an abuse of power.

What is being done about the abuser on the BB board that is most likely posting 100 times a day and flagging my posts.  Member BigZ I'm sure has complained to y'all about him as well, let you continue to let him manipulate you and I become a victim of a non-paying member.