Frustrating Reformatting of the Dividend History page

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The reformatting of the Dividend History page is terribly frustrating in that to view the important part here one must repeatedly to scroll to the right.  I see this as useless info. The most important columns here are the div amount, the dates followed by the div frequency so they should be displayed as before where we can see them without having to scroll to the right each time. The "adjusted amount" is unnecessary in my opinion. Why would SA make these changes? The format was just fine before you made changes.


100% agree. Commented on this yesterday but no reply. Hopefully everyone will scream. Whoever made the decision to change the History page hasn't a clue how this section is used by end users.

Maybe SA should start consulting their customers before making such changes. I doubt many users would have said "hey, this is a great idea". This isn't like a grocery store where changing the shelves and endcaps create sales. Its the opposite... this type of change drives customers away because it makes the data accessibility useless or more time consuming.