Possible IP Theft

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I occasionally use your website but I wanted to let you know there's someone selling a stock ideas newsletter and they call themselves "Chasing Alpha." To me this sounds really close to Seeking Alpha and might constitute infringement of your intellectual property. In fact if you Google "Chasing Alpha" Seeking Alpha shows up as the top result while theirs is the 6th result (at least for me). Someone who is confused about your name may possibly type in Chasing Alpha and get to their newsletter rather than yours. 

Here's a link to their newsletter if you need it: https://arete753.substack.com/

Sridhar Krishnan
  • Answered

Hi, there.

Thanks for your message and appreciate your patience.

Really appreciate you for bringing it to our attention and I shared it with our internal team for further review.

Please feel free to contact support for any assistance and we'd be happy to assist you.


Sri | Seeking Alpa Support