excessive ads and animation bog down my laptop

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This topic needs revisiting by your web designers and marketing staff.   Your ads on seeking alpha ruin the experience.  They are excessive  (35 just a few minutes ok as tagged by AdBlocker) and the amount of animation and quantity are too much for my Intel I5 processor.    It slows down my whole computer.

Put up still ads, or something less obtrusive.    But I can't use Seeking Alpha without an AdBlocker due to its heavy hit on performance - due to ADS.


I have the same issue.  It's almost to the point that I'm going to quit using SA.  My CPU usage goes to 100% and response is unbearably slow.  This topic has gone unanswered for 6 months so it probably will never be fixed.  I guess they're trying to get us to pay for some ad-free option.

SA Admin Daniel Hochman
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Can you please take a screenshot of the offending ads? This is not an issue we see from many users, so it's hard to track down.



Apologies that your user experience is less than optimum. 

Would you be able to share any screenshots of your ad experience and provide details of your general location, operating system and browser?

We do endeavor to balance user experience with monetization of the platform to enable us to continue providing quality content for our readers, but we also realize that we can also always improve, so any additional information you can provide us with would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you,

Trevor Heal

VP of Business Operations

Seeking Alpha