Fractional Shares

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I would really like to see fractional share support in the portfolio section as I cannot enter my fractional shares which makes the system useless for tracking holdings.

With so many brokerages now offering fractional shares it is very surprising that this has not been added yet.

Under review

Absolutely. We are hoping to add support for that very soon. While we are on the topic, I'd love your feedback about a related change we were considering. 

We are thinking of removing support for purchase date, price, short positions and commission. Meaning, you could only enter the number of shares for each holding. The idea being, if we simplify the amount of holdings info, we can be better positioned to offer more powerful portfolio functionality in other areas (e.g. dividend income calculator, portfolio weightings by sector, country). If we support more advanced holdings features it gets much more complex and inhibits our ability to add more features.

So long story short- do you use the more advanced fields or do you rely on your broker for that information?



Under review

I'm merging this with a similar request. Please see there for my response.

Hi Daniel,

Trade/Purchase date is essential to calculate dividend payments, so you don't want to remove that field. You should also allow entering multiple rows for purchases/trades on different dates.

Any estimated date to add this functionality to the system?