Appalling writing and posting needs to be repaired

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As someone who speaks and writes English well, I find the constant stream of poorly edited posts on this site to be odious to say the least.  It is very clear that most of the authors write (or probably speech recognize) their articles for publication and then do not edit them or edit them without paying proper attention.  This one last night finally got me to write to you and complain about it:

Note the extreme error in this: Western Asset Mortgage Capital (NYSE:WMC) slides 50% in after-hours trading after starting a public offering of 5M shares of common stock.

It is well known that here in the US most published works have all sorts of egregious mistakes because no-one wants to spend the time on properly editing them.  Worse still, the authors' skills at composition are poor to say the least.  I read Seeking Alpha assiduously, every day.  And every day I am confronted by a stream of articles with various mistakes grammatical and spelling-wise.  The articles have not been edited by the author, let alone a proper editorial staff.  You need to fix this.  This is our language, our way of communicating with one another that is going down the tubes.  Don't you care about that?  Or are you so caught up in the neurotic speed of this culture that you don't really care about it?

Thanks for all you do, it has been most helpful.  However, your articles are an eye-sore when it comes to the blatant lack of care that comes with most of them.  You need a new system in place for the acceptance of articles.  Part of that should be that all articles found to have any spelling, grammatical, and so on mistakes should be returned to the author with a heavy slap on the wrist.  Your job is to make these idiots stop their slovenly writing habits and learn to edit their work properly ...  and then to edit it properly yourselves.