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The bottom 1/3 of the screen is horrible.  At least we could "X" out but now you can't do that.  I have used Seeking Alpha for years but am now looking for a different source for research and  current chart and pricing. Please find a different way to market you services.  I would hate to  lose this valuable resource.   

Sridhar Krishnan
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Thanks for the message.

We received confirmation from the tech team that the banners can now be dismissed/closed. Kindly log out and log in once, wait for the banner to appear, and then click on the "x" to close the banner.

When you reach the free limit, the banner will be displayed fixed since the limit is reached, and you can "swipe to go back" or click on the Menu (3-line hamburger) icon to go to the homepage.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to contact support for any additional clarifications.

Wishing you a great one!




Sridhar Krishnan | Customer Support | Seeking Alpha α
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