Seperate notification settings and list for different portfolios

Dominik A. Stutz 1 year ago updated 11 months ago 5

It would be great and make a lot of sense if we can look at the notification and adjust them for each portfolio. I for example have stocks that I'm very interested in and others that I'm not interested in at the moment but still want saved. I only want to get notifications for the portfolio I'm currently interested in. I hope you implement those features. Thanks!



Thanks for the feedback. We actually have this feature planned and it will roll out with our new app infrastructure in the coming months.



Hey Daniel,

Any news? Another thing: is there a way to see the comments one made? It's difficult to find comments that someone answered to, if one doesn't instantly write back. (I think it goes under among the new notifications) The ability to only see comment related notifications would be a good way to make t convenient.

Best wishes,


Follow up question for you. Currently, you can choose to get email or push notifications on your phone on a per stock basis. We are planning on changing this to make it a global setting. Meaning, you can either get email, push notifications or both for all the alerts you have turned on. 

As you requested, you will be able to turn alerts on/off per stock or per portfolio, it's just the delivery method which will be global. Does that work for you?

For me that would be perfect. I don't use email notifications at all, but some people might want to receive email notifications for certain stocks or portfolios. But the initial features I asked for would be a great chance to begin with. It depends how many people would want to get email notifications for certain stocks or portfolios and how much more time it would take to implement that. Cheers!