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For years I went to sa first every morning for relevant financial news. Now I only get 2 news items and a banner encouraging me to join alpha premium. I've now stopped going to sa first, if at all. Please turn off the stupid banner!!!! 

Sridhar Krishnan
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Hi, there.

Thanks for the message.

Our tech team fixed the banners and they can be dismissed/closed now. Kindly log out and log in once, wait for the banner to appear, and then click on the "x" to close the banner.

When you reach the free limit, the banner will be shown as fixed because of the limit, and you can "swipe the screen to go back" or click on the Menu (3-line hamburger) icon to go to the homepage.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to contact support for any additional clarifications.




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Sridhar Krishnan
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