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How many have been ripped off by Mycoft Frederick .This gut touts his amazing system. He told me stock brokers use his system and only work 10 -15 hours a day because they do so good. LYB was one of his top picks a 6. The highest rating he gives . He said he sold may 8. I think he is a rip off and the seeming knowledgeable articles on alpa are not . . He could have written an article but he did not . I quit subscribing after 3 months because his prices were so high and he had very few ideas . Now I,ve list a ton of money on LYB 

Anthony Castelli

nothing about sellling lyb here 

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byMycroft Friedrich

Subscriber Letter January 26, 2019

Jan. 26, 2019 6:49 PM ET

By Mycroft Friedrich

I was going to sit down and write a long essay on The Trump China Tariff problem, but Ivan Martchev of saved me the trouble as this article spells out my exact thoughts as well on what President Trump is trying to do. So have a great weekend and enjoy this very...

By Mycroft Friedrich