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Add average line on all of the new charts

khart100 3 months ago in Website updated 3 months ago 4

Add an average line on all of the charts for the time period specified. For example, looking a PE Ratio chart for Visa over 5 years, there should be a horizontal line showing the average for the period selected so you can see if it is higher/lower than the average of this period. Same for all of the other charts.

Under review


Thanks so much for the feedback. Do you mean the average PE Ratio of the sector?

No, average for the specific stock that you are looking at. I see you have the TTM PE for stocks in the chart at the top of the Value tab. I just think it would be nice to be able to expand the time horizon and also show it on the charts at the bottom of the Value tab so you can more easily see the current PE Ratio in relation to the historical average given the time frame selected.

Sector average would be OK as well but I typically don't look at sector information because I think it is too broad.

Ah, I see - so a horizontal line which doesn't go up or down. We are actually adding the 5Y Avg for each data item very soon like this:

(Data not real)

Ok - that Sector Avg and 5Y Avg would certainly be a helpful improvement and that is pretty much what I meant. I still think it would be nice to see this average incorporated into the charts to the extent possible. You could still glean more information from the chart. For example, you could see that for a period of 15 months 3 years ago the PE ratio was below the 5 year average (among other insights). You wouldn't know that from just seeing the numbers.

Thank you for the help and for listening.