This is happening to me, as well. I have noticed many other posts/users that appear to be having the same problem. This seems like something that should be fixed ASAP - many of the posts have not been replied to and/or are not under review by Seeking Alpha.

Under review

What happened when you tried to change your email ?

Hey Jacob

I attempt to change the email by clicking "Settings" and then "Edit email" (first item in the Account Info Section). I type my "new email" and "password" in those fields and click the "Save" button. After this, I'm redirected to the "Settings" page, but the email is still my old email - I also still receive all of my articles, etc. to the old email.

Thanks for finding this comment and placing it under review

I received an email to the new email address from Seeking Alpha asking me to confirm my email address. When I click the link or paste the link I am directed to a page the says "Timeout Error".