Can someone tell me why my comments are being delayed before being posted, if ever being posted?

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I reported a guy for telling lies in his posts, and they were blatant lies and I can prove it, I have proved it with my posts.  Now I am the one being monitored?  Have you gone fruit loops?


Does SA want lies being told on their site, is that what you want?  The guy was saying that Tesla's Gross Margin is twice that of VW's, when in fact VW's is materially more than Tesla's. I reported the guy after I showed him from the 10-Ks that he was wrong and he kept repeating the same lie.  Now I am being monitored. For what?  Telling truth? 

And I received nothing from SA as to why they think my comments need monitoring.  I make another post to Andreas Hopf because he lied about what I stated concerning Tesla and I can prove he is wrong, also.

What is it with you guys?  Can you not read what I posted and determine what the truth is? Is truth not important to you? What is going on, will someone please tell me?  


So, I can't make any posts anymore.  People are replying to me but I can't reply back.  So, let's post what I posted that is all I can think of why my posts are being censored. Here it is:

I reported ArchieNigelAllister_III after he kept on repeating the same lie, that Tesla's Gross Margin was twice that of VW's. It clearly is less than VW's and his statements are very offensive to me when I know what the truth is.

Here is one of the times he made the statement:


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I’m aware of what gross margin is.

BW Volkswagen doesn’t include R&d in COGs. No one does anywhere

Tsla GM is 2x Volkswagen audited. I can say that without looking"

Here is my reply:

""I’m aware of what gross margin is.

BW Volkswagen doesn’t include R&d in COGs. No one does anywhere "

Yes, VW does include Research expenses in COGS. COGS on VW's Income Statement is called "cost of sales".

VW is under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Those standards for R&D differ from U.S. standards.

IFRS requires that Research costs be expensed as incurred, generally, and that Development costs be capitalized and amortized provided those costs provide economic benefit. The amortization (expensing) of the Development Costs is also included in cost of sales (COGS). Most, if not all, of the European auto makers report Research expenses and amortization of Development costs within Cost of Sales.

On page 232 of VW's 2018 annual report it states that Cost of Sales includes Research expenses as well as the amortization of capitalized Development Costs:

"Cost of sales includes the costs incurred to generate the sales revenue and the cost of goods purchased for resale. This item also includes the costs of additions to warranty provisions. Research and development costs not eligible for capitalization in the period and amortization of development costs are likewise carried under cost of sales.

Ford and GM also include R&D expense in Cost of Sales.

Tesla does not include R&D in Cost of Sales.

That's why you can't compare VW's Gross Margin to Tesla's without doing some serious adjustments.

Tesla's Gross Margin is not two time VW's."

Later on, after he kept repeating the lie I broke down the Gross Margin for both companies and reported him:

"No, Dilbert, R&D is not in Tesla's cost of sales, Gawd. You can't read the 10-Ks? Since the basic sales structures are different, even adjusting the Gross Margin, like taking out R&D from VW's calculation of Gross Margin, there is still the problem that VW discounts its cars to its dealerships, whereas Tesla doesn't have to do that unless it wants to discount its vehicles to customers, which it doesn't do all the time.

But, you clearly are missing a lot and don't understand what the 10-Ks say.

Auto Revenues $18.515 B
Cost of Sales (including R&D) $15.6 B
Gross Margin $2.92 B

Gross Margin % = 15.8%

Auto REvenues: $235.85 B
Cost of Sales (includes R&D) $189.5 B
Gross Margin $46.35 B

Gross Margin % = 19.65%

VW's is more.

Without R&D for Both:
Tesla Cost of Sales = $14.174 B
Gross Margin = $4.34 B
Gross Margin % = 23.45%

VW Cost of Sales = $177.38 B
Gross Margin = $58.47 B
Gross Margin % = 24.79%


That's the reason I reported him. What he stated was clearly false and the continued repetition of the same lie caused me to report. Then you responded that you don't fact check a post. So, you don't really care if what is posted is accurate or not. That's when I stated that I was going to do the same as this guy.

And now you are monitoring my posts but not his.

Do you not see the unjustness of this? Do you not?

How is it just to censure a guy (myself) who is trying to keep to truthfulness and not the guy (Mr. ArchieNieglAllister III) who is blatantly telling lies?

Why am I being censored?


No reply.  You guys are terrible, just horrible. You choose to censor and monitor me without any explanation while others go on posting trash and they don't get monitored or censored. Priceless. 


Agree.  The site carelessly refuses to publish legitimate comments and there is increasing concern on my part that they are publishing articles with a hidden agenda or were drafted on a for hire basis.  If SA wants the community to PAY to receive articles it should accept the responsibility of better policing the site.


Two months and my comments are still being monitored.