Breaking news notifications

Richard0 1 year ago in iPhone App updated by alpha7B5 1 year ago 1

Dear SA. I really enjoy your app but I would really enjoy if your news and notification options are more categorized. I am subscribed only to breaking news and i get alerts every single day atleast twice whether the market is higher or lower. Thats not a breaking news. Thats just market state during a day. Thanks

TOTALLY AGREE with you, Richard!

I myself did want to write quite a similar complaint on several occasions during the last 30 days, or even during a last couple of months. The situation with SA mobile app (breaking?!?) news notifications is becoming highly distracting and also irritating as well. This afternoon was just a very good example of the new practice with exaggerated number of mostly insignificant news, with those also being pretty much far from the regular or true breaking news!

Greetings from Slovenia,