Advertisement Pop-ups with Malware

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SeekingAlpha website keeps popping advertisements with malware.  This happens on more than one computer if I keep SeekingAlpha web page running.    All popups concern Microsoft warnings that my firewall software is turned off or expired.    This only happens when visiting Seeking Alpha and I first started seeing this issue shortly after joining this services.   Your advertising engine needs to filter out this annoying unwanted ads.   


Hello, Thank you for reaching out and sorry that you are having this experience.

We do not allow pop ups from any of our partners and have multiple partnerships with anti malware vendors who scan all creatives and nothing has yet been flagged. It could be an infection on your machine from an alternative site to ours that is only triggered when you visit our site, that being said, these nefarious malware companies can be incredibly crafty and they do target their attacks around national holidays, when support at company's is generally offline.

Would you be able to share any additional details about what you saw, such as advertiser and age where you were on the site when you experienced this. Were you also using your desktop/laptop machine and in what country were you? 

Thank you,

Trevor Heal

VP of Business Operations