Total Debt to Equity

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The attached screenshot is from the site https://seekingalpha.com/symbol/AMZN/overview

How can I calculate "Total Debt to Equity", by using the numbers on the balance sheet?

I know, by hovering over the text it shows "Short-term debt + Long-Term debt / total stockholders equity (LTM)".
But I can't find the numbers, to calculate it.
Can you please show me exactly how I can get to the result of 142.54 shown on the screenshot?




Please fix the calculation

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Please fix the calculation

69,005 / 48,410 = 1.43


We are adding a % sign to the current values. The fix will be live very soon.

Hi Daniel,

69,005 / 48,410 = 142.54 ? How?

I am getting 1.43

This is now updated to show a % sign. Thanks so much for reporting this issue and helping us get it fixed!