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SA uploads BEAUTIFUL word docs with bullets and DESTROYS the docs... and I can't fix

Mike Loughran 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

You spend literally days getting all the pagination correct, bullet points PERFECT and it looks awesome.  

You hit UPLOAD WORD doc on SA... and GONE!!!!  pagination destroyed, bullets removed, bullets added and I can't rework them in the SA edit feature

anyone know why /  how this happens and how to prevent?

Every doc takes 3 hours too long trying to fix what they remove....

Under review

Hi Mike,

Please try our new article submission interface by joining our beta group here: seekingalpha.com/page/join-beta-group

Then, simply copy paste the word doc contents into the editor and let us know how it looks

THANKS!  I will rework the doc and upload today.   

Best ,

Mike L