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Whenever a poster types the "&" in a comment, it shows up as "&amp".

Bill Cunningham 1 year ago in Website updated 1 year ago 6
Under review


Is this in comments? 

I'm not able to reproduce the issue. Can you please send a link or two to specific comments?

I saw it again yesterday in a comment posted by someone but didn't save it and don't remeber where it was. I'll let you know the next time I see it.

Daniel ,

Here's an example: It's very strange though. When I see it in the article, it looks like this:

"Kind of like how Sears and Barnes&Nobles..."

But when I copied and pasted it to this comment, the problem disappeared (below):

"confiscate Comments14 | + Follow Kind of like how Sears and Barnes&Nobles had pockets deep enough to outlast amazon.com in the year 1999, when amazon was still small "enough common sense to sell them at a profit"

yes, enough common sense to not even enter the competition   NEW|18 Jul 2019, 01:53 PMReply0"

It's under this article:


ok-even stranger; it won't let me reprint the problem which is "amp;" just before "Nobles"

As soon as hit "Post Reply" the "&;" disappeared.