I am blocked when I open the articles with my android smartphone, as if ALL were for PRO subscribers only

jpnunes 3 years ago in Android App updated 3 years ago 3

Sudenly I'm not able to read the articles I receive by email when I try to read it on my android smartphone. 

Always a message appears saying that the article is for PRO subscribers (100% of the cases), unlike the case when I use the PC to open the same e-mail, where I can read the full article. 

Even though I have installed the SA app in the smartphone, when I click on the "READ" link in the message, I am not asked to view the article though the app, either (this was an option until recently). I will have to open and browse within the APP and search manualy the article I was trying to read in the first place, and only then it works. But until recently I could read the article without opening the APP. 

Is there a fix for this? 



Hello jpnunes,

I have tried reproducing this bug with an android device unsuccessfully. Would you mind sending me the original email which caused this problem to occur? 


Hi, I've just send it to mobile@seekingalpha.com. Thanks!

Thank you 

I wll forward the e-mail directly to mobile@seekingalpha.com. Is that ok?