Adding a "notes" section for the authors I follow

when_to_sell 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Jacob Maltz 2 years ago 1

When I click on "follow" to follow an author, it's because at that time I decided that he is an expert on a specific industry, or he has a terrific overall track record, or he is good at IPO analysis, etc. I'd like to have a notes section where I can save this information on why I added him. I have this whole list of  authors I follow but don't know why I added them. I end up unfollowing them since I don't know why I should be reading their articles.


I think the idea of posting notes is a great idea, and I have a suggestion. Could you try posting your notes about authors or tickers as StockTalk?.  I know it is not private, but making your notes public is a good way to get feedback from the community at large. These StockTalk will then appear on your profile page.

We are now spending a great deal of time improving StockTalk throughout the site.  For now, you can tag tickers with $. We will soon be adding the ability to tag users/authors in StockTalk with @, as well as topical hashtagging with #.   When this is done, we will work on allowing you to search on your profile page for any StockTalk which tagged the author or hashtag, currently, you can only search by symbol.  This will be a faster way to retrieve your notes.

I just noticed that you can't write StockTalk on your own profile page, I am going to fix this ASAP, so it will be easier to use it as a note taking device.