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Please add a way to export portfolio

cake_is_a_lie 1 year ago in Website updated by Eddie6 3 months ago 5

Something as simple as copying all the tickers comma separated into a clipboard would be amazing. I love to keep my lists of tickers to watch in here, but I also want to be able to use external screeners, and so this would be super helpful function. Thanks!


I agree here.  Most premium subscriptions for investing analysis platforms allow portfolio exports.  Please add this feature. 

Under review


Thanks for the feedback. We will be adding this to our portfolio tool for Premium subscribers.


Daniel Hochman

Director of Product, Seeking Alpha


Has this feature been added? I'm amazed that this is not available. I generally export data from my Morningstar portfolio but it seems redundant to create portfolios here and at morningstar along with the brokerage. I would like to create all of my portfolios in Seeking Alpha  but I need to be able to track them in a spreadsheet. When will this be available?

any word on this? I recently became a premier member and I’d like to export my portfolio as well so I can review on my work screen, much bigger.

Waiting for it to happen. It's must

BTW excellent job with new app. It's more helpful. hope you will continue to work on it as well aggressively.